How to maximizing SEO for YouTube videos

Finding extra money by becoming a blogger is quite commonplace. But apparently, many bloggers who switched professions to YouTubers. They switched professions because being Youtuber is more profitable and relatively easy to do. From the videos they post, they can earn a lot of money. This money comes from ads watched by your video viewers. To increase your income from here, you need to maximize the number of viewers from your video. One way is to optimize SEO from your videos. That way, the ranking of the video will go up on YouTube’s search page and more and more people will see it. Apart from that, you may also hire Charles Brian International for improving your SEO.


How to optimize SEO for blogs is certainly a little different from how to optimize SEO for YouTube Videos. Here are some things to watch out for when optimizing SEO for YouTube.

Research keywords first

This step is similar to what is usually done when choosing the right keywords for a blog. This research will help you to know what is currently popular. By knowing what is popular, you can determine what video you will make. To do this research, you can use Google Adword. If this tool is too hard for you to operate, you can use Google Trends. Google trends are easier to operate by beginners.

Use Keyword appropriately

Proper use of keywords can make your videos more visible on YouTube search results. The first thing you have to do is name your video file with the keywords you choose. That way, the YouTube web crawler will recognize your video files easily.

In addition, you also have to use keywords in the title. This is because the title is the first thing indexed by Google. If your title contains keywords, your video ranking will be more friendly to search engines and the ranking will improve.

The keyword must also be included in the video description and tag. Write a description of the video concisely and clearly. You must make sure that the use of keywords looks natural and in the right amount. So, the description is not spam. The use of keywords in tags can provide its own advantages. This will make your video appear on the sidebar when a video has the same tag.

Expand your vocabulary memorization with the mnemonic

Memorization and repetition will indeed carve out the sharp memories of new vocabulary that are important for you to learn. However, it is not impossible you forget occasionally. On the other hand, you may need to check out the Trinity college Glasgow if you have to acquire the UK visa soon.

To get around this ‘senile’ moment, you can use the mnemonic method for a number of important words. Mnemonics can help to fit the words in your mind more effectively. Basically, mnemonics is a unique visual narrative depiction method that you can associate with words you want to remember. For example, you’re learning Spanish and it’s hard to remember the verb “caber” means “to load something (to fit)”. You can make up a visual narrative in your brain a big bear (bear) squeezed in the cab window (cab) that darted in the streets.

Or, “sausage” in German which means “wiener”. You can imagine someone who is on the championship podium after winning the sausage eating contest.

This association (caber -> cab, bear -> loading a flower in a taxi) will make it easier for you. Perhaps it will first sound troublesome, but train this association several times and you will be able to realize how silly and memorable the visualization can be very effective. So long over time, you no longer need to use this method to remember foreign vocabulary.