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Top 5 Ways to Relax At Home

Top 5 Ways to Relax At HomeWhat are the top five ways to relax at home? In reality, this list will vary somewhat for each individual, as no two people are exactly the same. With that being said, there are five things that you can do to help yourself and your love ones learn to relax, especially if you find that ever increasing demands on your time have begun to encroach on family time. If you want to know more about learning how to relax again, keep reading.

1) Take more time for yourself

This one sounds easy but it is probably one of the most difficult things that you will have to do. For people that are especially driven, it is simply hard to take time for themselves if it is not related to a goal. For others who have an overwhelming desire to be there for those around them, taking time for themselves can be a foreign concept all together. However, it is absolutely necessary in order for you to be physically and mentally healthy so that you can be there for others when they really need you.

2) Sleep In

A little extra sleep does everyone good, especially if you only do it every once in awhile. As a matter of fact, getting some extra sleep can help boost your immunity and clarify your thinking, especially if you have had a few days that have seemed rougher than usual. In other words, don’t feel guilty when you have the opportunity to sleep in late. The first time that you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have to get up by an alarm, relax and enjoy the experience.

3) Use a massage chair

This is one of the best ways to relax more at home. It is like getting a professional massage without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. It also gives you the chance to work out all of those kinks and knots without having to make an appointment and go to another location in order to have someone give you a massage in a setting that isn’t familiar to you. Using a massage chair, like the ones at BestMassageChair.Reviews, at home is the epitome of relaxation and it gives you the opportunity to relax as nothing ever has before.

4) Do something together

If you really want to relax, make time to do something together as a family. This might involve doing absolutely nothing at all or it could be something as simple as watching a movie or playing a board game. Try to pick something that everyone enjoys and make it a fun activity instead of making it feel like a chore.

5) Turn everything off

It is almost impossible to relax when you are still attached to your cell phone, constantly hearing it ring or getting one text after another. The same is true for anyone that feels an overwhelming need to check their email every 15 minutes. If you can’t devote an entire evening to turning off your electronic devices off, at least make it a point to turn them off for an hour or two. You might be surprised how much more relaxed you really are when you no longer find yourself constantly listening for the next alert coming from one of these devices.

Now that you know five ways that you can relax, you can put at least one of these methods into practice right away. If you are fortunate, you can incorporate several of them. Chances are, you and your loved ones will not only come become more relaxed, but will once again discover what is really important when everyone isn’t constantly distracted by the day’s demands.

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Daughter just started College and this is how she protects her Laptop

For the student heading off to her first day of college, it is important to make a good impression.  After all, college is a place to reinvent you – and her transformation starts today.  No more wallflowers, no more hiding behind a book to keep everyone away.  Her parents got her a sweet new laptop for graduation, and she went out to found a laptop bag to carry it in.  She knew that she wanted to have something that would be easy to carry her stuff around in, and it needed to be secure for her laptop.  She plans on riding her bike around campus, so it had to be big enough to carry her textbook, her phone and wallet, as well as whatever other supplies she needs for class.

When she found the laptop backpack, it was perfect.  Big enough for her laptop to comfortably fit inside, it has strips of padding that keep it from sliding around.  The heavy duty straps let the backpack rest easily on her shoulders (she pretended like she was riding a bike in the store to make sure it fits well) and it has enough pockets to handle all her stuff.

The inside pockets are great for storing her notebooks, her journals and her textbooks.  The outside pockets hold her wallet, her dorm key and her cellphone.  A pocket for a bottle of water is on the side, which is good because she has a feeling she’s going to be drinking a lot of water as she peddles all over campus.  There’s even a compartment just the right size for her pencils and pens.

She noticed a few other students had the same backpack – at least she knows she won’t stand out and be the only one with a backpack.  Getting contacts was a good idea too – it helps her see better (no big surprise there) but it helps her see the world differently.  She tried to explain it, but her parents didn’t understand.  Sometimes a change in perspective changes everything – and getting rid of the frames that she saw the world through was revolutionary.  She suddenly realized that her frames hadn’t just been keeping her eyes working correctly, they had been keeping everyone else away from her.  When she decided to get contacts, it was as if the world suddenly appeared – and she had no idea it was as rich and colorful as it was.

Maybe that’s why she likes her new backpack so much – in a way she still hides behind it.  She’s made a vow to herself to try new things, to venture out more, and to let others in.  Her laptop bag is a big step in the right direction.  No more clutching it to her as though her very life depended on it.  From now on her laptop is a sign of liberation.  A reminder that she can put her cares behind her and head off to new frontiers.

Who knew that a simple bag had the power to evoke that kind of change? I