Know That Air Conditioner Damage Can Happen Because of Timer

Usually, the damage that occurs in the air conditioner is often not realized by the owner unless the air conditioner is completely dead. In fact, the slightest damage should be known correctly in order to get good handling. The presence of air conditioner servicing singapore will help you in handling problems and damage to the air conditioner.

One that is usually considered trivial is the feature of the air conditioner timer that lights up. It seems trivial, but if we do not know it can cause a headache due to AC die and live alone.

Make sure that the feature is in the off position if active is usually on the mark with the timer lights in the indoor blinking. If it is true that this is a result of the timer, then turn off the feature in the following way.
Please unplug your outlet first, wait about 2 to 5 minutes then plug back. After that, remove the two batteries on the remote and then plug it in again.