Various Negative Effects of Plastic Surgery

In any surgical procedure including plastic surgery, anesthesia is required or it may also be called a sedative so that the patient does not feel pain when the scalp surges through their skin. Note, however, that any anesthetic action has side effects such as damage to the brain, nerves, temporary paralysis, airway constriction, and heart attack depending on the patient’s sensitivity to the substance.

Sometimes after surgery, the patient will usually experience bleeding that may continue at the stage of the complication if it does not stop immediately. The subsequent blood clots will also make the skin a dark blue or purple color called a hematoma, a sustained hematoma that can make the skin tissue die and cause more severe problems such as infection.

The most unsettling impact of plastic surgery on the face procedure is the outcome that is not appropriate, using an expensive doctor is not necessarily guarantee the success of an operation in beautifying our face. To get a trusted surgery, visit Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery – Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills.