Know things that you must do when moving to a new apartment

This is quite important. It’s because usually. The management of the building or apartment will wear a service fee for water and garbage disposal. Ask also when you should pay this service fee. Meanwhile, you may go to and find a reliable home removal company.

Also prepare your equipment such as power lines, internet, and others. If you already have an internet connection before, you only need to contact the provider of the internet service provider to move it to your new residence.

You can save time by making this transfer request online. You’ve been dizzy with your moving business, do not let this add complicated.

Packing (packing) as soon as possible
Moving will be easier if you pack and get ready as soon as possible.

Most movements will feel heavier if you are not fully ready yet.

When you are ready and are looking for the right moving service and also the freight transport.

If you have a cabinet that can be dismantled pairs, you should also dismantle this cabinet, this is because in order to reduce the “space” or space used in the fleet that will use for transfer later.

Because of course, you want your goods to fit and enough when transported later right?

As for packing, we suggest packing your items into cardboard and given a name. For kitchen equipment can be labeled “kitchen” on the box and others.

This will greatly facilitate you when you want to spend and organize the goods in your new apartment.