Maintaining AC Will be Easier When Hiring the Right Professional

Is it important to hire aircon singapore? If you want to take DIY AC maintenance, make sure you can do these things well. One very dirty AC component is the AC filter. This part is most often blocked because it serves to filter dirt in the form of dust and other larger particles. Therefore you can clean this component by brushing it gently. You can also use a good toothbrush. First, you have to wipe this part with a dry cloth. Then repeat by brushing using a toothbrush. After that, lap again. Then if you see the filter becomes very dirty or abnormal then immediately do the maintenance with an AC expert.

Another very dirty AC part is on the evaporator. This is a place to breed sources of diseases such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Even if all the sources of the disease spread through the air, it can cause the transmission of the disease quickly. You must clean the evaporator at least once a month. First, you have to remove the evaporator house, after that use a mild disinfectant. This method can help to prevent the source of the disease from multiplying.