Learn More to Know More

To know the importance of learning English by TEFL in Thailand, try to imagine how the world around 10 years into the future? Perhaps, some of you are thinking about the progress of the age that is very rapidly happening in the next 10 years. Some of you may also imagine the competitiveness of looking for work that is getting tighter in the next 10 years.

Why English? It’s important, is not it? Why is the importance of learning English?

Yes, that is a standard question that may often be asked by those who are confused about what the relationship of competition and the progress of the times with English proficiency. In fact, to answer that question there is only one firm answer. “Yes, it is very important.”=

To maximize the quick way to learn English, then in need is the flying hours, because the flying hours determine the skill of a person. However, the flying hours are sharpened with persistence. This applies to everything, including in learning English.