Restoration Land Rover Defender, Remind Old Memories

Want to restore old memories is the reason to revive Land Rover Defender 300tdi in 1997. The car known as Land Rover Defender 90 is restored and given a little modern twist. This will be good news for you who love Range Rover as your traveling companion. This restoration will make many old memories into one unit that is awaited because where the process of transformation is done quite difficult and complex. This restoration begins the restoration process by making roof or hardtop. Just getting started, various difficulties have been faced. The reason is in making hardtop, required not only tidiness but also focus to achieve maximum precision. The roof is replaced with galvanized hardtop. This is the most difficult part because it must be precise and neat. After working on the roof, attention turned to the engine and the legs. In the restoration process, find the various components that are considered cannot work properly. This is not an easy matter, the article of this restoration process also embed the cabin cooling device. As a military series, this car is not manufactured using cabin coolers. Restoration must build it from scratch. You can imagine how this successful Maha Karya will get a lot of welcome by those who love Range Rover, right? You can look forward to his presence in the Range Rover Car Hire! This is definitely a golden opportunity that can not be missed!

For those of you who love Range Rover and want to try to play your old memories with Defender 90, this is an opportunity you should not waste. Continuing into the interior sector, the restoration process provides different color. Where the impression of racing in the presence of semi bucket seat mounted on both sides of the front. Whereas in the back, the seat that was initially positioned like a war-carriage, was changed to urbaner with facing forward. The process is about 7 months until painting finishing. Overall component used is a costume itself. Because this car is intended for everyday use, then the process of restoration work is not too much to tinker or give a touch that impedes the movement.