What to Consider When Choosing Solar Panel for the Green Data Center?

What do you think about the use of green energy generator? The price of solar panels is getting cheaper in recent years. The price may be depending on quality and several factors. In addition to price, there are some important things in choosing the Best Solar Panel for the power source system that will be installed in your place, because solar panels are long term.

Therefore, in choosing solar panels, the price is not one of the determinants in choosing solar panels. Here are tips on choosing solar panel system modules for alternative power generation at a Green Data Center facility and can also be applied to modern residential and office buildings. The following are tips on choosing solar panels for green data centers

– Price of Solar Panel

Depending on a number of factors, but generally in terms of finding a match for use in a data center location as one source of energy, the price ranges above one million per panel. The price of solar panels is determined by output capacity (Watt), physical size, brand, material quality, durability (warranty period) and some certified solar panel industries. The cost you spend will also depend on the number of panels in the complete package purchased. The more modules in the system then generally will decrease the cost per unit.

However, choosing solar panels based on price alone is also unwise, as it may not fit in the area where you will install it, solar panel industry certification is very important to know the quality and measure its ability in general in order to provide the best performance and measurement of savings you can do in the long run by starting from the calculation of Return on Investment (ROI).

– Three Levels On The Quality Of Solar Panels

Like tier in the data center, solar panels also have 3 Tier of quality possessed only difference Tier 1 is the highest quality, meanwhile tier in tier 1 data center is the lowest quality. In addition to cost, it is important to consider how the solar panels are in production and what materials are used so that we can choose the best solar panel as needed. There are three levels of quality (3 Tier Quality) solar panel products