Things you must bring with you on a boat trip

For those who like seasickness, this might be the right solution before you leave. Although it can not be a guarantee not to vomit after taking medicine for some people. However, surely this must be a material supply that must be prepared. Apart from that, if you prefer to sail on your own, we recommend you to Join Canarysail on La Gomera.

Prepare Enough Food for your travel

Travel far if not bring enough food supplies, then be prepared to starve for aboard. Although some boats provide a canteen or kitchen to eat, it will be very expensive at a price, can be 3 to 4 times the normal price. So there is no bad preparation since the beginning before boarding the boat, considering whether it will quickly stale or not?

Lastly, of course, you have to be careful because travel either land, air, or sea remain prone to crime if not alert. Keep your luggage and be reasonable, do not be too over until many are suspicious if carrying valuables.

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