Tracy and Her New Mattress

Tracy began to have problems sleeping about six months ago. When she got into bed, she couldn’t get comfortable. She would get too hot and throw off her blanket. Then she was too cold and had to cover herself up. She could feel the elastic waistband of her pajamas, and that little sensation would keep her up for hours. The light sound of crickets outside loudly intruded into her ears. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another.

Poor Tracy had so many consecutive sleepless nights, that it was effecting her performance at work. She was distracted and couldn’t focus on her task at hand. She was forgetful and moody. Her peers noticed that she seemed quite detached, and her superiors definitely caught on to her subpar performance at work. Tracy needed to change something drastically in her life.

When Tracy began to have issues with insomnia, she had researched ways in which she could overcome it. She stopped bringing her laptop into bed with her. She hung black out curtains to shield her from unwanted outside light. She wore earplugs so the crickets weren’t so maddening. New, comfortable sheets replaced her old ones. She spent half a day at the store picking out the right pillows to sleep on. Alas, none of these remedies brought Tracy any sort of relief.

With her work-life taking a turn for the worst, Tracy knew she had to fix her insomnia before she loses her job. After one particularly bad day at work, she drove herself to the mattress store and committed to buying a new mattress.

Similarly to pillow shopping, Tracy took her time asking questions, poking and rolling around on the different mattresses on display. There seemed to be so many different types made by so many different brands. With a hefty price tag accompanying each one, Tracy didn’t want to end up with one that wasn’t going to solve her lack of sleep problems.

Tracy finally laid her head down on one mattress at the center of the store. As she sunk in, she noticed that her hips and shoulders were comfortably indented into the mattress. When she turned on her back, she felt enveloped in a firm hug. Tracy felt as if she won Wheel of Fortune. The beloved mattress that she fell in love with? It was a memory foam mattress. Research has shown that the best memory foam mattresses can really improve sleep but you should read reviews first before making a purchase.

On the first night that Tracy slept on her new memory foam mattress, she instantly fell into a deep asleep. When she rose the next morning, she felt awake and rejuvenated. Her work performance the next day was back up to par to her usual level of functioning. Tracy’s peers and superiors chalked up the last six months as perhaps a “personal” issue Tracy had to deal with. Now that she was back to normal, all talk of laying Tracy off disappeared. And Tracy lived happily ever after.

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