Why Invest in a Zero-Turn Mower for My Big Garden

Why Invest in a Zero-Turn Mower for My Big GardenI am completely relaxed when in my garden on a warm summer day. I have a nice, large garden that allows me to plant a variety of flowers, vegetables and herbs. It is extremely important to keep the grass around the garden trimmed to ensure no weeds or other malicious plants that can intrude upon my small crop.

How does it Work?

A zero turn lawn mower is a tool which has a turning radius of zero. In other words, it can make a 90-degree turn immediately. This is accomplished with two levers in the place of a steering wheel that control motors at the back of each wheel. These independent motors are the fixtures that allow the mower to turn on a dime or easily maneuver around obstacles.

Why Purchase a Zero-Turn Mower

There are many reasons why I invested in a zero turn mower for my big garden including:

Clean Mowing Job

Every zero turn mower has a much higher blade speed when compared to the riding mower. This results in a much cleaner cut of the grass and leaving your yard more aesthetically pleasing. Since the blades are chopping the grass at higher speeds, the grass is being cut in multiple areas so it simply falls into the freshly cut lawn.

Decreased Mowing Time

Another result of faster blade speed is that it cuts the grass quicker. Studies show that the zero turn mower can cut the lawn in about half the time (depending on the size of the yard and number of obstacles). Also, a higher level of maneuverability allows for quick movement around obstacles and easily changing direction.

Long Lasting

Since it takes less time to cut the grass, you are not working the engine as long as a regular mower. This results in less wear on the internal componentry. Therefore, the zero turn mower will last likely double the time as a riding lawn mower and even longer than a regular mower.


I’m not going to lie, it is fun zipping this around the yard. So much better than a hand push lawn mower which is also a lot of work.

Improved Mulching

With a higher blade speed, it is easier to chop up leaves, sticks, grass and other plants that are in the yard thus creating excellent mulching for the garden. The zero turn mower is a gardeners dream for this reason alone.

Less Trimming

Since you have exceptional maneuverability and more control over the mower, you are able to get much closer to the garden so there is no need to waste time with trimmer on the edge of the lawn for it to look clean.


The main reason why I invested in a zero turn mower for my garden is due to maneuverability. I am able to trim right to the edge of my garden without affecting any of the plants in the soil. The zero turn mower is excellent at cutting exactly what it is supposed to cut, nothing more.

The zero turn mower is my top choice for the yard surrounding the garden because it provides a cleaner mowing job that is quicker and fun which produces excellent mulching on account of the great maneuverability.

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